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Youth International Training Course

Through the organization of the Doha Youth Forum, which was held prior to the 13th UN Crime Congress (Doha Congress, 2015), and the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum, which was also held prior to the 14th UN Crime Congress (Kyoto Congress, 2021), international society in the crime prevention and criminal justice field has been paying special attention to youth as agents for change to achieve the SDGs. In 2021, as an initiative to follow-up on the Kyoto Declaration, which was adopted at Kyoto Congress, UNAFEI launched a new annual training course targeting youth. In this training course, youth participants explore current international and domestic issues of a criminal-justice-related theme and discuss solutions with other participants.

No. Date Main Theme
2nd 1 – 5 Aug. 2022 "Towards a Society without Child Abuse: Seeking Youth-led Solutions"
1st 2 – 6 Aug. 2021 "Youth Initiatives for Prevention of and Desistance from Drug-related Offences"