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Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries

UNAFEI has hosted the Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries, known as the GG seminar, annually since 2007. The seminar is held in support of activities to establish the rule of law and good governance in Southeast Asian Countries, to contribute to capacity building for criminal justice practitioners, and to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among Southeast Asian countries.

No. Date Venue Main Theme
17th 13 - 15 Dec. 2023 Japan "Protecting Judges, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officials from Undue Interference Including Bribery"
16th 14 - 16 Dec.2022 Japan "New and Emerging Forms of Corruption and the Effective Countermeasures"
15th 20 - 22 Dec.2021 Japan "Effective International Cooperation for Combating Corruption"
14th 23 - 24 Mar.2021 Japan "Integrity and Independence of Judges, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officials"
13th 17 - 19 Dec.2019 Japan "Effective Financial Investigation and Anti-Money-Laundering Measures for Confiscation and Asset Recovery to Counter New and Emerging Corruption Threats"
12th 27 - 29 Nov.2018 Viet Nam "The Latest Regional Trends in Corruption and Effective Countermeasures by Criminal Justice Authorities"
11th 17 - 19 Oct.2017 Viet Nam "Best Practices in Anti-Corruption: A Decade of Institutional and Practical Development in Southeast Asia"
10th 26 - 28 Jul.2016 Indonesia "Contemporary Measures for Effective International Cooperation"
9th 24 - 26 Nov.2015 Indonesia "Current Challenges and Best Practices in the Investigation, Prosecution and Prevention of Corruption Cases - Sharing Experiences and Learning from Actual Cases"
8th 18 - 20 Nov.2014 Malaysia "Current Issues in the Investigation, Prosecution and Adjudication of Corruption Cases"
7th 3 - 5 Dec.2013 Malaysia "Enhancing Investigative Ability in Corruption Cases"
6th 12 - 14 Dec.2012 Japan "International Cooperation: Mutual Legal Assistance and Extradition"
5th 7 - 9 Dec.2011 Japan "Preventing Corruption: Effective Administrative and Criminal Justice Measures"
4th 7 - 9 Dec.2010 Philippines "Securing Protection and Cooperation of Witnesses and Whistle-blowers"
3rd 9 - 11 Dec.2009 Philippines "Measures to Freeze, Confiscate and Recover Proceeds of Corruption, including Prevention of Money-Laundering"
2nd 23 - 25 Jul.2008 Thailand "Corruption Control in Public Procurement"
1st 17 - 21 Dec.2007 Thailand "Corruption Control in the Judiciary and Prosecutorial Authorities"