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Training Couses/Seminars Training Couses/Seminars


for Financial Year 2018

Programme (Main Theme) Date
The 169th International Training Course
(Criminal Justice Practices against Illicit Drug Trafficking)
9 May - 14 Jun. 2018
Follow-up Seminar of Third Country Training Programme for Development of Effective Community-based Treatment of Offenders in the CLMV Countries 25 Jun. - 29 Jun. 2018
The 170th International Training Course
(Treatment of Illicit Drug Users)
22 Aug. - 21 Sep. 2018
The 21st UNAFEI UNCAC Training Programme 11 Oct. - 16 Nov. 2018
Twelfth Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries (Viet Nam) 27 Nov. - 29 Nov. 2018
The 171st International Senior Seminar
(Criminal Justice Response to Crimes Motivated by Intolerance or Discrimination)
9 Jan. - 7 Feb. 2019
Third-Country Training Programme (Thailand) *
(Development of Effective Community-based Treatment of Offenders in CLMV)
Feb. 2019
(to be scheduled)
Study Tour to Japan for the Prison Officers in Myanmar Feb. or Mar. 2019
(to be scheduled)
The Joint Study on the Legal Systems of Japan and Viet Nam 2018 RTI - SPP Exchange Programme (Japan Session) 18 Feb. - 22 Feb. 2019
(to be scheduled)
The Training Course on Legal Assistance for Viet Nam 18 Feb. - 1 Mar. 2019
(to be scheduled)
Comparative Study on the Criminal Justice Systems of Japan and Nepal 4 Mar. - 15 Mar. 2019
(to be scheduled)
Follow-up Seminar for Prison Officers in Myanmar To Be determined

* Third-Country Training is hosted by a developing country, and the programming is targeted toward other developing countries in the region.