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for Financial Year 2023

(2023FY) UNAFEI Flyer

for Financial Year 2022

Programme (Main Theme) Date
The 178th International Training Course
(Cybercrime and Digital Evidence)
14 June- 7 July 2022
The 2nd Youth International Training Course
(Towards a Society without Child Abuse: Seeking Youth-led Solutions)
1 - 5 Aug. 2022
The 179th International Training Course
(Juvenile Justice and Beyond - Effective Measures for the Rehabilitation of Juveniles in Conflict with the Law and Young Adult Offenders)
6 -29 Sep. 2022
The 24th UNAFEI UNCAC Training Programme 2 - 28 Nov. 2022
The 180th International Senior Seminar
(Promoting Legal Aid for Offenders and Victims)
13 Jan. - 6 Feb. 2023
The 2nd International Training Course on Preventing Reoffending / Female and Child Victims
(Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration of Offenders with Substance Use Disorders)
8 - 20 Mar. 2023