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for Financial Year 2025

(2025FY) UNAFEI Flyer

for Financial Year 2024

Programme (Main Theme) Date
The 184th International Training Course
(Countermeasures against trafficking in persons,
with a focus on trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation)
9 - 29 May 2024
The 185th International Training Course
(Preventing Inmate Abuse and Corruption in Correctional Facilities:
Fostering a Rehabilitative Prison Environment)
11 Sep. - 9 Oct. 2024
The 26th UNAFEI UNCAC Training Programme 23 Oct - 19 Nov. 2024
The 1st ASEAN-Japan Criminal Justice Seminar 4 - 17 Dec. 2024
The 186th International Senior Seminar
(Criminal Justice Issues regarding Youth Involved in Terrorism)
17 Jan - 13 Feb. 2025