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Training Couses/Seminars Training Couses/Seminars


for Financial Year 2018

Programme (Main Theme) Date
The 169th International Training Course
(Criminal Justice Practices against Illicit Drug Trafficking)
9 May - 14 Jun. 2018
Follow-up Seminar of Third Country Training Programme for Development of Effective Community-based Treatment of Offenders in the CLMV Countries 25 Jun. - 29 Jun. 2018
The 170th International Training Course
(Treatment of Illicit Drug Users)
22 Aug. - 21 Sep. 2018
The 21st UNAFEI UNCAC Training Programme 11 Oct. - 16 Nov. 2018
Twelfth Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries (Viet Nam) 27 Nov. - 29 Nov. 2018
The 171st International Senior Seminar
(Criminal Justice Response to Crimes Motivated by Intolerance or Discrimination)
9 Jan. - 7 Feb. 2019
Third-Country Training Programme (Thailand) *
(Development of Effective Community-based Treatment of Offenders in CLMV)
Feb. 2019
(to be scheduled)
The Joint Study on the Legal Systems of Japan and Viet Nam 2018 RTI - SPP Exchange Programme (Japan Session) 18 Feb. - 22 Feb. 2019
The Training Course on Legal Assistance for Viet Nam 18 Feb. - 1 Mar. 2019
Study Tour to Japan for the Prison Officers in Myanmar 25 Feb. - 8 Mar. 2019
Comparative Study on the Criminal Justice Systems of Japan and Nepal 4 Mar. - 15 Mar. 2019
Follow-up Seminar for Prison Officers in Myanmar To Be Determined

* Third-Country Training is hosted by a developing country, and the programming is targeted toward other developing countries in the region.