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Living in Japan and at UNAFEI Living in Japan and at UNAFEI

Living in Japan and at UNAFEI

UNAFEI's facilities include a main building and a dormitory. The present building was completed in October 2017. Its main facilities include International Conference Hall A (four-language simultaneous interpretation is available); International Conference Hall B (three-language simultaneous interpretation is available); a multi-purpose hall, a library, several seminar rooms, a lounge, a Japanese-style room and a cafeteria.

The dormitory building is attached to the main building. The dormitory consists of fifty-five single rooms and a few other guest rooms for visiting experts, each with free Wi-Fi and its own bathroom and toilet. The participants and overseas visiting experts stay in the dormitory. In their free time, they can enjoy activities such as table tennis, working out in the training room, intercultural activities, etc.

With these facilities, UNAFEI serves not only as an international training institute, but also as a prominent site for international conferences.

International Conference Hall B

Group work in a seminar room

Participant Life

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) sponsors overseas UNAFEI participants through fellowships that include travel expenses. In order for the participants to deepen mutual understanding and friendship, they live together in the UNAFEI dormitory throughout the training course or seminar. The living environment is designed to meet the needs of each participant's lifestyle. Extracurricular activities include table tennis and singing karaoke.

Dormitory room

Table tennis tournament

Inter-cultural activity in a Japanese-style room