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First Youth International Training Course

* We have stopped accepting applications since all seats have been filled.

This summer, UNAFEI will hold "The 1st Youth International Training Course". This course is targeting Japanese university and graduate students, as well as international students in Japan. The participants will learn initiatives and challenges related to a criminal justice-related theme, and discuss the solutions.

To live in a safe and secure society, taking effective measures against crime is vital. As our society changes, the causes and the modalities of crime are becoming more complex. Crime prevention requires public understanding and participation through initiatives supported by a variety of stakeholders. In particular, it is essential for our society to empower the youth – who will shape the future of our society – to contribute their unique perspectives on crime and crime prevention measures, to participate in crime prevention activities and to assume leadership roles as agents of change to improve society.

For those who would like to participate or who have inquiries, please refer to the following flyer and contact us. We look forward to your participation (Applications will no longer be accepted once all seats have been filled).

Date: 2 (Monday) – 6 (Friday) August 2021
Format: In-person attendance at UNAFEI or online
Theme: "Youth Initiatives for Prevention of and Desistance from Drug-related Offences"

Note: Depending on the status of COVID-19, it is possible that we will only allow online participation.


The outcome of the 1st Youth International Training Course

From 2 to 6 August 2021, the 1st Youth International Training Course was successfully held. This training course targeted Japanese university and graduate students, as well as international students in Japan. It was the first time for UNAFEI to hold a training course targeting youth. 12 students from Japan, and 11 international students from 7 countries participated online.

The theme of this training course was "Youth Initiatives for Prevention of and Desistance from Drug-related Offences". Through the lectures from Japanese criminal justice officials and foreign experts, the participants learned about drug-related issues, such as the state of drug trafficking and manufacturing, particularly in Southeast Asia, the involvement of organized crime in these processes, treatment strategies for recovery from drug addiction, and criminal justice responses to these issues.

Based on the lectures, the participants discussed effective initiatives for the prevention of and desistance from drug use in group workshops. The ideas and recommendations were reported to all participants and UNAFEI professors. The presentations by the participants were exciting and insightful.

We hope this training course provided the participants with useful knowledge and experiences, and also encouraged them to pursue solutions to a variety of social issues.

Opening remarks by Director Morinaga

Remarks by Mr. Jeremy Douglas, Regional Representative
UNODC Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Lecture by UNAFEI Professor Miyagawa


Group discussion

Group discussion