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Second Youth International Training Course


Date: 1 (Mon.) to 5 (Fri.) August 2022, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Venue: United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI)
Format: Hybrid format (in-person and online)
Theme: “Towards a Society without Child Abuse: Seeking Youth-led Solutions”
Programme language: English

This summer, UNAFEI will hold “The Second Youth International Training Course”. This course is targeting Japanese university and graduate students, as well as international students in Japan, who are under 30 years old (approximately).

This year, we will deal with child abuse. In every country, many children, who should be loved and cared for, fall victim to child abuse by their parents or guardians. Child abuse is a serious violation of human rights, which threatens the lives, health and sound development of children. In this course, we will learn and discuss (in English) how to protect children from child abuse and ensure their bright future.

For more details, please see the following flyer. We look forward to your participation.


The outcome of the 2nd Youth International Training Course

From 1 to 5 August 2022, the 2nd Youth International Training Course was successfully held. This training course targeted Japanese university and graduate students, as well as international students in Japan. UNAFEI received many applications from youth, indicating that many youths were interested in this course. 14 students from Japan, and 10 international students from 7 countries participated.

The theme of this training course was "Towards a Society without Child Abuse: Seeking Youth-led Solutions". Through the lectures from international organizations and overseas experts, as well as Japanese experts and practitioners, the participants learned about the prevalence of child abuse around the world, its severe impacts on children and society, and necessary actions to address the issue from a variety of perspectives.

Based on the lectures, the participants discussed effective programmes to prevent and respond to child abuse. On the last day, each of the four groups of participants presented the outcomes of their discussions, including specific programme designed to reduce and eliminate child abuse. The programmes the participants developed contained many fresh ideas, and the participants and UNAFEI professors raised many questions.

By fully taking measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, we organized this training course in a hybrid format, which allowed the participants to select either in-person or online participation. It has been about two-and-a-half years since UNAFEI hosted in-person participants at its venue. To see the participants have exciting discussions in our international conference hall was moving for us.

We hope this training course provided the participants with an opportunity to learn about the serious issues of child abuse, and encouraged them to take the lead in establishing a society which ensures the rights of children in the future.

Opening remarks by Director Morinaga

Lecture by Dr. Sarandrea, Child Protection Specialist
UNICEF East and Pacific Regional Office

Lecture by Mr. Kawasaki
Director of Children’s Rainbow Center

Lecture by Dr. Madrid
Executive Director of the Child Protection Network Foundation, Inc.

Lecture by Mr. Aizawa, Principal Officer
West Tokyo Juvenile Classification Home

Q&A at panel discussion
by Mr. Oda (National Police Agency),
Mr. Wakaida (Edogawa City Child Guidance Center)
and Mr. Kimura (Hino Child and Family Law Firm)

Group discussion

Group discussion

Presentation (Group A)

Presentation (Group B)

Presentation (Group C)

Presentation (Group D)

A scene of the course