Public Lectures 2014

UNAFEI Public Lecture Held at the Ministry of Justice, Japan

UNAFEI, the Japan Criminal Policy Society Foundation and the Asia Crime Prevention Foundation have collectively hosted annual public lectures on criminal justice policy.

On 24 January 2014, Visiting Experts from  Australia and Hong Kong delivered lectures on the use of restorative justice programmes and protection of victims of crime at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Justice, to the audience of about 150 people, including personnel from government offices such as the Ministry of Justice and Public Prosecutors Offices, universities, NGOs, etc. and 15 participants of the 156th International Senior Seminar. The lectures were concluded with great success.

The lecturers and topics of the Public Lecture were as follows:

(1)Dr. Brian Steels, Director and Senior Research Fellow , Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University
"Restorative and Therapeutic Practices following a Range of Conflicts: an Issue for Fiscally Prudent and Safer Societies"

(2) Ms. Betty Pang Mo-yin, Senior Superintendent of Police, Crime Support Group, Crime Wing,       Hong Kong Police
"Child Protection Policy Unit Hong Kong Police Force"

The contents of the lectures are available below:
    Dr Brian Steels              Slides (PDF: 6,656KB)
Betty Pang Mo-yin   Document (PDF: 98KB)

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