Indonesia Joint Seminar

Contents   (PDF: 79.5KB)
Foreword   (PDF: 27.7KB)
Co - Rapporteur’s Report   (PDF: 44.3KB)
Opening Session   (PDF: 273.5KB)
Session One: Effective Administration of the Police   (PDF: 271.1KB)
Session Two: Restoring the Integrity of the Criminal Justice System - Elimination   (PDF: 335.2KB)
Session Three: Reform of the Legal Training System   (PDF: 335.1KB)
Session Four: Judicial Reform   (PDF: 313.3KB)
Session Five: Reform of the Treatment of Offenders - Community Involvement   (PDF: 272.2KB)
Closing Session   (PDF: 174.2KB)
UNAFEI Delegation, Speakers and Participants List   (PDF: 30.7KB)